How long will decking last?

The answer depends on the type of material used. A cedar deck that is made from untreated lumber can last from ten to thirty years. A pressure treated deck can last up to fifty years. Periodic sealing and cleaning is a must to get the most life out of a wood deck. Cellular PVC decks typically have a pressure treated wood frame but last longer because of the composite material in the decking. Our Cellular PVC decks are warrantied for life. They’re also maintenance free.

Are decks out of fashion?

In our opinion they’re timeless. A new deck tastefully designed will always complement your property. We offer a host of accessories that can help you put your personal stamp on the project: privacy screens, planter boxes, pergolas, beams, benches, lighting systems, and more.

double fascia beam

It’s easy to express your personal style with our accessories. A Double Fascia Beam, Bench, and Planter Box are shown here.

More questions?

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