Fence-All guarantees that all products shall be supplied in accordance with normal tolerances, variations and limitations and that all service work shall be completed in a good and workmanlike manner, as is familiar within the fence industry. These products & Services are warranted; under normal and intended uses, and as per all terms and conditions as listed in this Product & Service Warranty; for a period of time as displayed in the Warranty Periods Chart below.

This Warranty is limited to the repair or replacement of defective materials—as determined by Fence-All. Without limiting or contradicting the above, Fence-All specifically disclaims responsibility for any losses or damages incurred, whether direct or indirect, as a result of any such product or installation failure.

Fence-All reserves the right to substitute new product lines when replacing older products under the terms herein. Fence-All shall make reasonable efforts to minimize any visual discrepancies arising from said substitution.

Warranties shall only become effective after both parties, including payment in full by the Customer, have completed Orders and shall become null and void if the product is damaged by factors falling outside of normal and intended use.

All Warranty Claims by the Customer shall be forwarded in writing, including a copy of the original sales order, to Fence-All prior to the expiry of the warranty period.

Normal and Intended Uses specifically does not include (a) piling snow, earth or other materials either on or against the product, burying the bottom of the fence; (b) spraying chemicals or water, with heavy mineral content, on the product; (c) damage caused by placing plant life, or other foreign materials in contact with the product; or (d) accidental damage, negligence or other acts of God.

Sheds and/or buildings closer than one metre from the product void the warranty due to falling and piling snow.

Vinyl/PVC products will experience some discoloration when exposed to the elements for a sustained period. Normal weathering occurs as exposure to ultraviolet light and extremes of weather and atmosphere causes any surface to experience gradual and uniform appearance changes such as chalking, fading, or accumulating dirt or stains. Degrees of weathering vary depending on geographical location, air pollution, exposure and other factors. Fence-All warrants that its products will “weather” in a uniform manner consistent with the weathering standards established in ASTM Specification F 964.

Warranty Periods


  • Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty, except…
  • Vinyl Gates: 1 Year
  • Vinyl Deco Wall Fence: 2 Years
  • Vinyl Wall Fence: 5 Years
  • Vinyl Fences Over 6’8″ High: 1 Year
  • Solar Lights: 1 Year

Chain Link

  • Chain Link with no Privacy Slats: 5 Years
  • Chain Link with Privacy Slats @ 6′ Spacing: 5 Years
  • Chain Link with Privacy Slats @ 8′ Spacing: No Warranty


  • Iron Commercial Barriers: 1 Year
  • Iron/Aluminum Gates Over 60″ Wide: 1 Year
  • Iron/Aluminum Fences Over 6′ High: 1 Year
  • Iron/Aluminum Fences Up to 6′ high: 5 Years


  • Lumber: No Warranty
  • Labour/Installation: 1 Year
  • PostMaster Steel Posts: 15 Years
  • PostSaver Pro-Sleeves: 20 Years
  • Pre-Stain: No Warranty


  • Commercial Wolf Serenity™ Decking or VEKAdeck: 20 Years
  • Residential Wolf Serenity™ Decking or VEKAdeck: 50 Years

Vita Arbours and Pergolas

  • 20 Years Manufacturer Warranty


  • Somerset Privacy Wall: 2 Years
  • Pretoria / Primrose Privacy Wall: 5 Years


  • No Warranty


  • Lighting Options: 1 Year (Excluding Batteries)

Posts Only Installations

  • 1 Year

Other Installations

  • Matches Product Warranty

Other Products & Accessories

  • 1 Year (Unless Otherwise Noted)

* Warranties are ALL: (i) “As-per intended use”, (ii) for complete installations as per design schematic only, (iii) Limited to replacement of product or value of contract, (iv) The Customer must remain as primary occupant on an uninterrupted basis (NOT TRANSFERABLE), (v) For commercial properties/Condominiums, “Lifetime” converts to 20 years, (vi) For applications with multiple products (e.g. Vinyl & Wood or Vinyl & Iron) each part is warranted as per that product (e.g. Vinyl Deck Boards = Vinyl; Wood Deck Frame = Wood; or Iron Topper on a Vinyl Fence = Iron), and (vii) Fences with posts installed behind a wall 2′ or higher are not covered under their usual warranty.

The Above constitutes the complete warranty by Fence-All. No other agreement, written or implied, is valid. Fence-All does not authorize any other person or agent to make any other express warranties.

Examples that void the warranty

Our warranties are designed to cover “intended use.” For instance, a fence may be intended for use as a boundary marker, for privacy, for security, or for decorative purposes. Below are some examples that do not fall into the category of “intended use.”

Anything attaching to the fence

The most common problem we see with fences is people attaching backyard accessories to the fence. Additional weight pulling on the frame or posts can cause unexpected damage that is not covered under warranty.


Canoes, garden trellis, bike racks, pool covers, planter boxes. Any sort of custom contouring that attaches to the fence.

Anything growing into the fence

What might be unnoticeable at first could become a problem in the long term.


Trees, hedges, and shrubs.

Anything touching the bottom of the fence

By this, we mean landscape modifications intended to fill in gaps underneath the fence. They can cause heaving damage after the winter season.


Fence panels installed (by request) below the grade, lowering the fence afterwards, soil or riverstone fill that contacts the bottom of the fence.

Anything that impacts the fence

By this, we mean episodes and accidents that cause a collision with the fence.


Driving into the fence, a barbecue heated next to the fence, lawn mower/weed whacker damage, golf ball or baseball impacts, snow piled up against the fence.

Any painting or refinishing

Modifications to a fence, including painting and refinishing, void the warranty.

Submit A Warranty Claim

Fence-All products and services are warranted under normal and intended uses as per all terms and conditions listed within our Warranties for a period of time as detailed in our Warranty Period Chart.

To submit a warranty claim simply complete the online form below with as much information as possible!

Please note that (*) indicates mandatory fields. Warranties are not transferable. The Customer must have remained as the primary occupant on an uninterrupted basis, and must submit a copy of their original order to make a claim.

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