It depends. If the fence is brand new sanding is generally not required before staining. It doesn’t hurt though to do some spot sanding if you see some eased edges or other areas where the stain may have difficulty taking.

If your fence is older, whether it’s been painted before or not, sanding before staining is definitely a good idea.

For Painted Fences

A hand-held power sander is your best bet. Use medium grit paper or a disc and start lightly. It’s a good idea to do one board first to discover the pressure you’ll need to remove the paint as neatly as possible. It will be easier to keep the look consistent once you’ve figured out how to sand one board in its entirety. When you’re done the machine sanding you can get at the nooks and crannies by hand by folding sandpaper and/or using a sandpaper block.

For Non-Painted or Stained Fences

The procedure’s the same but go lighter. Look for trouble spots first and attack them. Then tackle the rest of the fence with an eye towards a consistent look.

More questions?

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