It’s a common misconception that post holes for fences should be 4′ or deeper. In fact the tools that fencers use are designed to go 3′ deep. The heavy duty equipment required to go further down is neither necessary nor cost effective for a standard fence.

Bell Bottoms

The shape is far more important than the depth once you’ve hit the 3′ mark. The bottom of the post hole should be belled so that it’s wider than at the top. This prevents the post from heaving due to frost.

We’ve installed and warrantied hundreds of thousands of posts over the years and this is how the holes were dug.

post holes

Note the bottom is wider than the top for the perfect post hole.

Decks and Estate Gates

If you’d like to go deeper for decks we can do that with screw piles for a surcharge. Screw piles are posts that are turned into the ground by machine as opposed to the usual digging and cementing process. We also use screw piles for estate gates because of the uncommon load the posts bear.

screw piles

Screw piles are turned into the ground by machine.

More questions?

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