It’s a question we get asked a lot, and fortunately there’s a ready answer. Pro-Sleeves are a terrific way to extend the life of your wood fence. They’re heat-shrinkable sleeves with a meltable liner that protect wood posts from rot and decay around the vulnerable ground line area.

The weakest link in a wood fence is right where the post meets the ground. Rot isn’t usually a problem deeper down because there’s no oxygen to jump-start the chemical processes that cause decay. Above the ground line the fence is high and dry. Pro-Sleeves target the problem area.

How does it work?

We put the sleeves on the posts in our shop before they’re shipped to your address. They’re slipped onto the posts then the bituminous liner is melted with a heat gun to form a perfect ground line seal.


Pro-Sleeves are installed in our shop before the job is shipped.

Are they warrantied?

Yes! The sleeves come with a 20 year manufacturer’s warranty.

It really is a simple and affordable way to add years to your wood fence. Ask your sales rep for details.