cedar deck

Cedar Sun Deck

pressure treated deck

Pressure Treated Sun Deck

The WOOD CHOICES here refer to the condition of the material at the time of delivery. There is no guarantee offered or implied with regard to any wood product.

NOTE: Many customers are surprised to learn that wood might start to change as early as the same day the product arrives. These flaws do not wait to develop a year or even a month after installation. They generally start to show with a change in the weather.

Customers who worry about natural flaws are STRONGLY encouraged to consider other types of material. Wood is the only building material we offer with NO Warranty.

#2 Pressure Treated Lumber

For those people working with a tighter budget a popular alternative is Pressure Treated Lumber. PT is NOT offered as a #1 Grade–purchasers should expect #2 Grade.

Brown or Green PT simply refers to the choice of tint in the chemical used to “treat” the wood. Because of the gummy sap and the wide variety of characteristics inherent to each of the different types of wood that are used, customers should be aware that the colour is inconsistent with this economical type of lumber.

Knot holes should be limited to no more than 2 holes on any piece (maximum 3/4″ diameter) along with an unlimited number of sound knots​. Bark, eased edges, warping, cupping and cracking should all be expected.

Further warping, cupping, twisting, and cracking after construction (possibly in as little as a day or two) is also to be expected with this type of wood.

The main point to remember: #2 Grade is about economy over aesthetics.

#1 Grade Western Red Cedar

After more than 40 years, ​#1 Western Red Cedar​ ​continues to be the most popular choice of customers for all of our wood products.

There may be​ one small knot hole (less than​ ​3/4​” in diameter)​ ​in any piece but an unlimited number of sound knots (each being no more than 1/2 the width of the piece).

Bark is not permitted but there may be missing edges that run for​ ​up to 1/4 the length of any piece.

Some amount of warping, cupping, twisting, and cracking is to be expected but these defects should not be obvious from​ 30′ away once the piece is set into place.

More on Cracks in Large Timber:

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A Note Regarding Colours of Western Red Cedar:

For Fence and Railing Posts we try to only select the heartwood of coastal cedar (darker coloured wood from the centre of the trees) for it’s stronger protection against rot.

For the rest of the dimensions we try to choose interior cedar (lighter coloured cedar) for it’s smaller, tighter knots.