We have a very wide range of wood prices, and they’re posted on the individual fence pages on our site. But sometimes it’s a little tough see how it all fits together, so by request, here’s an overview of the pricing of wood (all prices are from August 2022 and may change in the future).

Types of wood

The choice of wood will substantially affect the price of any model. Our wood fencing typically comes in pressure treated, #1 red cedar, and tongue & groove red cedar. Pressure treated is the budget conscious choice, while tongue & groove is top of the line.

Ranch fencing

Our lowest priced style is the Metcalfe. It’s often seen on farms and rural settings, but it can add a great splash of style to any property if privacy isn’t an issue. It costs $38/ft in pressure treated and $45/ft in #1 red cedar.

two rail metcalfe

Two Rail Metcalfe

Privacy fencing

Our lowest priced fence that offers a measure of privacy is the 5′ high Ashton. It runs $79/ft in pressure treated and $99/ft in #1 red cedar. If you’re looking for something a little more “standard,” our most popular model is the 6′ high Forest Hill at $109/ft in pressure treated and $130/ft in #1 red cedar.

ashton gate


forest hill on postmasters

Forest Hill

Fences with toppers

We offer an extremely wide choice of toppers with many of our wood fence styles. The most basic model would be the 6′ high Richmond with Lattice. It rings in at $125/ft in pressure treated and $150/ft in #1 red cedar.

richmond w/lattice pre-stained honey teak

Richmond w/Lattice

The top of the line

The most expensive wood fences come with glass and iron toppers. Our highest residential catalogue price belongs to the beautiful 6′ high Douglas. It makes a striking impression with it’s diagonal boards and comes with scalloped wood or iron toppers. The 6′ Douglas with a scalloped Rockefeller iron on top costs $316/ft in #1 red cedar. But it’s possible to go even higher with tongue and groove and/or pre-staining options.

douglas w/scalloped rockefeller iron (concave) and alternating angles panel style

Douglas w/Scalloped Rockefeller Iron

More questions?

If you have more questions about prices or other subjects we’re happy to answer them. Call 613-736-1122 or hit the chat button on the right during business hours.