Your fence defines the boundaries of your property and allows you to enjoy your yard in privacy and comfort. Your fence shields extreme winds from damaging your home and helps your landscaping efforts thrive. With spring now in full effect, it’s time to consider how you can use your fence to accentuate your green space and improve the aesthetic of your garden. A fence is a long-term investment; it’s not something homeowners plan on replacing every 5-7 years. Therefore, if you’re looking to upgrade your fence to improve your landscaping, here are some helpful tips to keep in mind.


Recruit Help


Building a fence is hard work. Therefore, it’s important to recruit help from your family, friends or a professional fencing company to ensure the fence is installed safely and effectively. For some, wood panels can be heavy to carry and transport, but not only that, they need to be levelled when they’re installed. One person should be responsible for setting up the wood boards, and the other person needs to monitor for improper levelling. Fencing installations are most comfortable to complete on sunny and cool days when there is no wind.


Choosing Your Style


Homeowners who use their fence to accentuate their landscaping have design options available to them. For example, while wood privacy fences are a popular choice, another attractive solution is iron fences. Iron fences convey a Victorian-era style and look amazing when draped in growing ivy and hydrangea. Be sure to check out your local fence professionals for more suggestions and recommendations.


Consider the Sun


Before you set up your fence, consider how the Sun will affect the flowers, vegetation, and vines you’re trying to grow. Your fence may block early or midday sunlight, which some flowers may require. Fences that are positioned facing the south will have direct access to sunlight throughout the day, which is ideal for many kinds of vines.


Flower Beds


If you’re more interested in planting a flower bed around your fence, rather than have vines grow up your fence posts, there are a couple of things to consider. You will want to ensure there is enough space between your flower bed and your fence so that you can stain and treat your wood fence without damaging your plants. Additionally, if you’re looking for a fencing upgrade and don’t plan on growing vines, consider investing in a vinyl fence! With a multitude of colours to choose from and it being a low-maintenance and cost-effective fence, vinyl can add a unique touch to your landscaping.


Spring is here, and it’s time to enjoy your backyard! If you’ve owned the same fence for 10-12 years and there are signs of wear and tear, or you’re just looking for a change, contact Fence-All today!