Some lightweight chain link fences can be installed without concrete. They are the exception to the rule, and it’s only possible because the application doesn’t call for strength and the posts are thin enough to be driven directly into the ground. Vinyl fence posts, however, invariably require concrete to be installed properly.

Critter Guard

Some lightweight chain link can be installed with driven posts.

Vinyl fence posts need concrete

Concrete is required for vinyl fencing. Our vinyl fences famously carry a lifetime warranty. We’re able to do this because they’re built to last from the ground up, and that build starts with a solid concrete footing that keeps the posts still and true for literally decades. Vinyl posts are too large to be driven directly into the ground anyway, there’s no practical way to do it without destroying the post. A hole has to be dug, and once it’s dug the best way to secure the works is with concrete. We’ve installed tens of thousands of warrantied posts over the years: experience tells us it’s the only way to go.


The perfect vinyl post installation requires concrete.

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