It’s a tough question to answer because there are so many different models of both. As a general rule, wood is more affordable than vinyl in the short term. But the maintenance-free quality of vinyl and its unmatched lifetime warranty make it a better value in the long run. The same dynamic holds for other product categories, like decks and fences.

Budget railings

The least expensive catalogue railing is the wood Postless model in pressure treated wood. It costs $59/ft (all prices as of August 2023). By comparison, the lowest priced vinyl railing is the Basic at $69/ft.

postless wood railing

Postless railings start at $59/ft.

Basic Vinyl Railing

Basic vinyl costs $69/ft

Midrange railings

The best deal for vinyl can be found in the midrange model. A Standard wood railing costs $79/ft in pressure treated wood while a Standard vinyl railing runs only $69/ft.

standard wood railing

Standard wood starts at $79/ft

standard vinyl railing

Standard vinyl is a terrific value at $69/ft

Top tier railings

Our most expensive railings feature glass panes. The Wood/Glass railing and the Vinyl/Glass railing both start at $179/ft.

vinyl/glass railing

Glass railings start at $179/ft

More questions?

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