Often there’s a delay between when your deck is built and the railings are installed. It usually comes down to the availability of materials.

Different time frames

When the materials for the deck and the railing come from different suppliers it means we’re working on two different time frames. Our installations department puts a lot of effort into providing realistic estimates for the lead times of different types of products. Your sales rep will have these estimates on hand when he comes to see you so you’ll know what to expect when you sign. If the lead time for a cellular PVC deck is three weeks and the estimated time for the aluminum railing you’ve chosen is six weeks there will be a three week interval after the initial deck installation before the railing is completed.

We’ve considered the alternative–waiting until all the material for the deck and railing is in and installing it in one go–but experience has taught us that our customers prefer getting the deck as soon as possible. You can still enjoy a barbecue and the sun while waiting on the railings, and we hope to make that happen as soon as possible.

Custom railings

Another factor: our railings are custom fit. To do this we send out an experienced specialist to do the measuring once the deck is done. Even if we have the material on hand, this extra step makes it impractical to put the railing in immediately after the deck. But we believe that a perfectly snug installation is well worth the effort.

More questions?

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