Many homeowners desire the classic and charming wood fence look, but worries about maintenance and durability make them think twice. Vinyl fences have been gaining popularity as an alternative over the past thirty years, and they keep getting better as technology advances. You might be wondering, can vinyl actually pull off the wood look?

Vinyl won’t fool anyone making a close inspection, but here’s the good news: today’s products are far more warm and organic looking than those plasticky efforts from back in the day.

Green Teak and Chai Grey

Green Teak and Chai Grey are two colours that have become very trendy in recent years. They bridge the gap between regular vinyl and the cozier feel of wood. They don’t have raised textures, but the colours are quite natural and blend beautifully with trees and greenery in the neighborhood. It’s definitely the best of both worlds.

vinyl wall in chai grey

Chai Grey approximates a weathered wood look.

Hybrid options:

Another option is to mix and match. Vinyl plays well with wood and iron, so it’s easy to get creative. A typical example: a wood fill made from cedar with a vinyl frame and posts (see our Fallingbrook, for example). An iron frame with vinyl fill is a terrific look as well. We call it the Vinyl Wall (quick word of caution, though—using vinyl fill on wood posts isn’t a good idea, for the reasons explained here).

vinyl garden wall in green teak

Vinyl Wall is a superb blend of vinyl and iron. Shown here in Green Teak.

More questions?

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