While it may seem like a good idea to combine the benefits of maintenance-free vinyl fill with traditional wood posts, the short answer is a resounding “Don’t do it!”

The Problem

The weakest part of a wood fence is right where the post meets the ground. The oxygen in the top layer of soil combines with moisture to accelerate rot and decay in the wood. It’s part of the reason that wood carries no warranty, as per the industry standard.

In contrast, vinyl comes with a coveted lifetime warranty because of its rot resistance, strength, and flexibility. Putting wood posts on a vinyl fence is essentially “downgrading” it at the most vulnerable point.

The Solution

If you’re looking for a mix of vinyl and wood we suggest you flip the script: vinyl posts and framing with a wood fill. Examples from our catalogue include the Fallingbrook, Jameson, and the Grand Emerald. They’re beautiful fences that are the talk of the neighborhood wherever they’re installed.

grand emerald w/scalloped picket topper (concave)

The Emerald is our top of the line vinyl/wood fence.

More questions?

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