In the pre-COVID days we loved having people drop by. We put a lot of time and effort into displaying our wares, and have always enjoyed meeting our customers face-to-face at the office. It’s why we regret to say the showroom is going to stay closed for the rest of the season.

Better Safe Than Sorry

During the busy season we have anywhere from 6 to 10 people working in the offices that double as our showroom. It’s cozy and it works great during normal times but the set-up wasn’t designed to handle social distancing.

We’ve made modifications: desks are farther apart, there are plexiglass barriers where required, and employees are working from home where possible. We feel it’s enough to keep our people safe, but we aren’t confident that opening to the public would be prudent. We’re concerned about you, us, and a newcomer on the way.

A Newcomer to the Fence-All Family

The secret’s out: one of our office staff is pregnant (Congratulations anonymous!) Health and safety has always been a priority at Fence-All but the latest news has really driven the point home. We’re excited about the future and believe the safest way to get there is to keep the showroom doors closed for the rest of the season. We’ll reevaluate when next year arrives along with the new faces it brings.

Take care and be safe,
Your friends at Fence-All