Skirting is a barrier installed around the perimeter of your deck, effectively enclosing the area underneath. It definitely creates a physical barrier that deters animals from accessing the space beneath your deck. While skirting alone may not keep out all types of animals, it can be highly effective against larger creatures, such as raccoons, opossums, and stray cats. These animals are less likely to attempt to crawl under your deck if they encounter an obstacle like skirting.

Addressing Smaller Animals:
While skirting provides excellent protection against larger animals, it may not deter smaller critters or persistent diggers, such as mice, groundhogs, or rabbits. To address this issue, consider adding an extra layer of defense. Chicken wire, buried in a trench around the perimeter of your deck, can be a highly effective solution. This fine mesh fencing is difficult for small animals to penetrate and can significantly enhance the protection of your deck’s underspace.

The “No Skirting” Approach:
For decks that are higher off the ground a “no skirting” approach works well. This minimalist design choice can create a more open and airy feel while making the space underneath your deck less inviting to animals. To deter both animals and weeds, consider covering the ground with gravel and a filter cloth. This combination creates an inhospitable environment for animals to burrow and nest.

cellular pvc deck

The gravel base on this high deck can discourages animals and weeds.

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