This is a very common question we get from folks trying to decide on a deck material. It definitely gives pet lovers paws for thought [Editor’s Note: Sorry.] In the past, when composite-type materials first entered the market heat was indeed a problem . But significant advancements in technology have greatly improved the situation, making modern Cellular PVC decks a comfortable and pet-friendly choice.

One of the key factors contributing to the heat mitigation in our Cellular PVC decks is the use of low heat buildup pigmentation in our Veka deck material. This specialized pigmentation is engineered to maintain a significantly lower temperature compared to other deck boards, even under intense sunlight and high temperatures. As a result, the deck’s surface remains comfortably cool, ensuring it is both pet-friendly and barefoot-friendly for their owners.

It’s important to note that while the overall heat retention is impressively low, there may be a slight variation in surface temperature based on the deck’s colour. Darker colours tend to have a slightly higher surface temperature due to the physics of heat retention, but this difference remains well within the comfort zone, making them still perfectly suitable for enjoying your deck during the summer heat.

Winston’s grumpy as usual but his feet are fine on the walnut Cellular PVC deck boards.

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