This is a common question we get when fences have been installed in yards with large changes in grade. The answer: it’s the way custom contouring works.

Custom contouring

Custom contouring is a way to handle the challenges that arise when there are large changes in the grade of a property. It’s very popular with pet owners because it minimizes the gapping that naturally occurs under a fence installed in such locations. But it does mean that the fence will be shorter when it’s going over a hill and taller when the run goes over a valley or dale.

A picture is worth a thousand words

orleans contoured

This custom contoured Orleans fence is 8′ high at the bottom of the hill and 5′ high at the end near the house.

This custom contoured Orleans is 8′ high at the corner farthest away from the house. Beside the house, at the top of the hill, it’s only 5′ high. If the homeowner had wanted a 6′ high fence at the house she would have had to order a 9′ high fence. The difference is most apparent in fences where the grade is consistently sharp in one direction. If there were a series of swales and hills the heights at the front and back could be the same.

More questions?

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