We often get asked why our post holes are 3′ deep. The answer: it’s all that’s necessary for a standard fence. The important thing isn’t so much the depth, but the shape. Post holes should be belled at the bottom to prevent heaving. We’ve installed and warrantied tens of thousands of posts over the years and are confident the Fence-All way is the strongest and most economical solution for our customers.

It’s meant to be

Many are surprised to hear that post hole diggers aren’t designed to go below 3′ anyway. Here’s how they work: the handles are held close together while the metal clamshells dig into the ground. Then the handles separate to lift out the dirt. Once a certain depth is reached (there’s that 3′ number again!) there isn’t enough room for the handles to spread and pull the loose earth out of the hole. At least not without making holes so wide that your yard will be permanently marred.

When post hole diggers go past three feet the handles become too far apart to make going farther practical.

Can you go deeper?

For certain applications, usually commercial, we can. But it calls for special machinery and it’s much more expensive than standard digging.

More questions?

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