A call that we get all the time: “The posts have been installed and I’m wondering when the crew is going to be back to finish the rest of the fence.” It’s a great question.

Short answer: it depends!

It’s a tricky question to answer because every project and every backyard is different. It depends on the day that the posts were put in, it depends on the weather during the week (if it’s rainy then the posts need more time to cure). It depends on the size of the project and the type of material used in the project. The time between posting and finishing is very unique.

The best thing to do is send Andrea an email (andrea@fenceall.com). Make sure to include your job number in the email so she can pull the correct file. She’ll talk to the crew and get an answer for when they’re due back to finish.

More questions?

If you have other questions about installations or related issues we’re happy to answer them. Call 613-736-1122 or hit the chat button on the right during business hours.