Most cities have by-laws with a maximum allowed height for a fence. In Ottawa, the maximum for a backyard is seven feet high. For a front yard it’s 39 inches outside of visibility triangles (more on this below).

In Gatineau the maximum is six feet high for a backyard. These maximums include lattice over the fence, but gate braces, post caps, and panels that step are generally allowed to go a little over the maximum. In the end you’ll want to verify with your local city hall for the limits in your particular area.

Visibility Triangles

Visibility triangles are areas near public thoroughfares where special heights are mandated for safety reasons. See the diagrams below for the triangles in standard and corner lots in Ottawa.

standard lot visibility triangles

source: Ottawa Fence By-law (No. 2003-462)

corner lot visibility triangle

source: Ottawa Fence By-law (No. 2003-462)

More Information

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