When it comes to wind, chain link fences are the most affordable option for durability because wind passes right through them. This can be a consideration if your property is adjacent to an open space, but less of an issue if you are next to a large building that cuts the force of the wind. Iron fences are another excellent option as wind also goes through them, but they are more expensive than chain link.

Other fences with wide surfaces tend to catch the wind, and it can exert a lot of force on them. In harsh conditions, they can even be blown over. If you do need privacy and are worried about wind damaging your fence, consider a vinyl fence as they come with a lifetime warranty. It will get replaced at no cost to you as long as it’s not an extreme weather event.

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Vinyl fences come with a lifetime warranty.

A word about snow

One other weather factor to think about with fences is snow. Some people pile up mountains of snow against their fences when clearing their driveways. That weighs a lot more than you think, and if there’s enough of a load, it can shift your fence posts or even collapse your fence. Snow piled up against a fence voids Fence-All’s warranties.

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