Fence-All started in 1976 and we get asked a lot what that year was like (okay maybe not, but bear with me, we’re sentimental about it). If you walked into our shop back then here’s what you might have heard playing on the AM transistor radio:

bell bottoms

——————Shoes were a secret.

We didn’t have a TV at the office (then or now) but after a hard day’s work we’d check out Happy Days, M*A*S*H, or The Six Million Dollar Man. Or if we were lucky we’d catch our favourite episode of Three’s Company, the one where things look really bad but it all turns out to be a huge misunderstanding.

Sports you ask?

It was a very good year. The Habs were just starting their late ’70s hockey dynasty, and the Summer Olympics were Canada’s own. Bruce (now Caitlyn) Jenner won the decathlon, Nadia smashed the record books with her perfect 10s in gymnastics, and local hero Greg Joy thrilled with the silver medal in the high jump.

Then, as now, we had a Trudeau as Prime Minister and our friends to the south were welcoming Jimmy Carter into office.

Gas was about 18 cents a litre and we complained about it. You might remember it as 80 cents a gallon: we were in the middle of converting to the metric system.

No computers, cell phones, or even coffee cup holders in cars. A simpler time for sure, but we wouldn’t trade it for today. We’re excited about this year. Hope you agree that while it’s fun to take a look back, the future is where the action is.

Take care and be safe,
Your friends at Fence-All