We often get asked for an overview of the railings we offer. We’ve divided them into four main categories based on material type.

Aluminum Railings

Aluminum Railings work well with virtually any type of deck. They come in a wide variety of styles, and are available with attractive glass panels as well. They can handle the elements and typically age better than their wood and iron equivalents. Aluminum railings come with a five year warranty.

royal aluminum w/cherry top rail

Aluminum railings work well with just about any type of deck.

Iron Railings

Iron Railings are similar to aluminum, but there are more opportunities for custom work because iron is easier to bend and weld than its aluminum counterpart. It’s also better for commercial applications because it’s heavier duty and easier to work with in the shop.

curved custom welded iron railing

Iron can be custom curved in our shop.

Vinyl/PVC Railings

Vinyl/PVC Railings railings are always a popular choice for decks. Lightweight but strong, they come in many different profiles, and they work with glass panels as well. The big advantage of vinyl products: they come with a lifetime warranty.

cellular pvc deck

Vinyl comes with a lifetime warranty.

Wood Railings

A Wood Railing is certainly not a requirement for a wood deck. Many folks like to mix things up with different materials. But if the classic charm of wood appeals to you’ll likely want to finish your deck with one of our attractive wood railings. They’re available straight and curved, with several different styles of pickets. Glass panels are no problem either if you like to maximize visibility while keeping your deck safe.

2nd Storey Cedar Sun Deck

Wood is the classic choice for railings.

More questions?

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