Privacy screens are a terrific addition to any deck and we carry a selection that caters to a wide variety of tastes. The example above shows a Garden Wall Wood Screen with custom spacing for a semi-privacy look. But there are many more choices in two broad categories: Vinyl and Wood.


The Alexandria Vinyl Screen offers full privacy in vinyl:

alexandria vinyl screen

The Fallingbrook Vinyl Screen is similar to the Alexandria, but with cedar boards in a vinyl frame:

fallingbrook vinyl screen

The Bridgeport Vinyl Screen features full privacy, but with the fence boards set horizontally.

bridgeport vinyl screen

The Bel Air Vinyl Screen is a semi-privacy screen: there are 1/2″ spaces between the boards that allow a bit of air circulation and limited visibility for those who prefer something less committal than full privacy.

bel air vinyl screen

The Rosemount Vinyl Screen is semi-privacy as well, a popular diamond pattern that is often seen in fence lattices and garden screens alike:

rosemount vinyl screen


The Ashton Wood Screen is a horizontal wood screen that can be made in full privacy (no spaces between the boards) or semi-privacy (small spaces between the boards) depending on your tastes.

ashton wood screen

The Victorian Wood Screen is a wood version of the Rosemount. The diamond lattice pattern has long been a mainstay in gardens:

victorian wood screen w/beer rail topper

The Georgian Wood Screen is a semi-privacy lattice like the Rosemount, but in a rectangular instead of diamond pattern:

georgian wood screen

More questions?

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