Gate operators keep traffic flowing and your property secure. The two main categories of gates are swing and slide, and we offer operators for both with varying degrees of power. We can also handle barrier gates, heavy-duty embassy style designs, and other specialty applications.

Swing gate operators

swing gate operator

Swing gate operators can be installed for single or double gates. The system typically includes an actuator arm, an anchor post, a control box, exit and safety loops to manage automation, and a pair of remote switches. A heater kit (always a good idea in Canada) is available as an extra, as are a number of other access features.

Slide gate operators

slide gate operator

Slide gates minimize the space required for opening and closing. Slide gate operators are designed with this in mind so they sit flush to the fence line. The package is similar to the swing gate system: it includes an anchor post, control box, loops, switches, and a host of upgrade options.

Additional considerations

Both types of operator are available in residential for lighter applications, and different grades of commercial for heavier systems. In addition to the weight of the gate, the frequency of use is an important factor in determining which grade to go with. A gated community, for example, would demand a higher end continuous traffic operator, where a country estate would be fine with a more economical model. Your sales rep will work with you to find the perfect fit.

More questions?

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