Horizontal fences have grown in popularity in recent years and there’s no indication the trend will let up anytime soon. Privacy is often an important consideration for homeowners as well. We recommend a Vinyl Wall in Green Teak for folks looking to cover both bases. Here are a few reasons why.

The price

Generally speaking, vinyl fences are more expensive than similar wood models. The Vinyl Wall is an exception. You can save up to $20/ft compared to a similar fence in red cedar depending on your colour choice. With Green Teak, you still save over $10/ft (price information as of September 2021).

The warranty

Vinyl fence boards carry a lifetime warranty. Wood, as per the industry standard, has none.

vinyl garden wall in green teak

Vinyl Wall in Green Teak neighbour group.

No maintenance

The vinyl fence boards are maintenance free. No staining or sealing to worry about, and any problems are covered by your lifetime warranty.

The look

This one’s subjective, but we find the look of Green Teak vinyl boards next to the iron posts particularly clean and attractive.

More questions?

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