It’s hard to give one answer but we do have some recommendations. If you follow the links they lead to product pages with current price information. We aren’t putting the prices here because they’re pretty volatile and could be out of date before long.

Ranch style fencing

A simple ranch style fence like the Winchester is very affordable. It doesn’t give any privacy, but it does clearly delineate a property line. Used sparingly, it’s an economical way to add some visual texture and help traffic flow in both front and back yards. The vinyl Winchester is actually more affordable than its cedar equivalent, the Metcalfe.

two rail winchester

The Winchester is an affordable vinyl fence that works well to highlight property lines.


If you’re looking for economy and privacy the Ashton is the best choice. It’s roughly 65% of the cost of a full privacy Forest Hill. The savings come from its simplified design: instead of 2″x4″ framing the horizontal boards are attached directly to the posts. 5/8″ spacing between the boards is a popular semi-privacy option.

ashton w/postmaster steel posts

The Ashton is an economical privacy fence in wood.

Horizontal privacy

Traditionally vinyl is more expensive than cedar but the recent volatility in the price of lumber means it’s not always the case. The Vinyl Wall is a good example. Currently it’s about 85% of the cost of a red cedar Garden Wall. It’s possible that number will shrink even further if lumber prices increase this year as expected.

vinyl garden wall in green teak

The Vinyl Wall has a top-notch look at an affordable price.

More questions?

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