Fascia is the trim on the side of a deck at floor level. It’s generally done in the same material as the rest of the deck, though interesting contrasts in colour are available with Cellular PVC. There are a few different types of fascia, and they’re all available in wood or cellular pvc.

No Fascia

If saving money is your most important consideration you can go with no fascia. It’s not a mandatory structural compononent of the deck. But it’s an unfinished look, particularly if it’s a Cellular PVC deck, where the “no fascia” option leaves the pressure treated frame exposed to view.

no fascia

The pressure treated frame is exposed when there is No Fascia on a Cellular PVC Deck.

Single Fascia

A good budget choice. Simple and attractive.

Single Fascia

Double Fascia

Double fascia is a little more elaborate than the single choice. You can see it below.

Double Fascia

Triple Fascia

Triple fascia is the most decorative option. It’s a premium look that works best with other visual accessories like beams or filters.

Curved Fascia

Any of the types of fascia described above can be done curved. It’s a terrific look that can be a motif for the entire deck, with curved steps and beams to match.

Curved Triple Fascia

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