A floating deck is a stand-alone deck that isn’t attached to a building. They are typically low to the ground, with the fascia or skirting hiding the understructure so that it appears to be floating, hence the name.

What are the advantages of a floating deck?

For starters, a floating deck looks great in a backyard. It designates a place for activities like grilling, sunbathing, eating, or reading, meaning the rest of the yard can remain largely untrampled. As such it’s a real favourite for green thumbs. It’s not uncommon to see a simple path leading to a floating deck with the rest of the grass in the yard looking pristine.

Do-it-yourselfers are drawn to them because of the simplicity of the build compared to more elaborate decks. It takes a professional eye and hand to attach a deck to an existing house. The installation of steps and railings brings its own set of challenges that call for experience as well. These difficulties can be avoided with a simple floating deck.

floating cellular pvc deck

If a deck is less than 24″ high railings are not required.

The cost savings are an attractive feature as well. Steps and railings are not needed on low floating decks. This means they’ll usually have a lower price tag than decks requiring more accessories for safety and access.

More questions?

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