A Beer Rail Topper is a flat surface strategically placed on top of a railing, offering a convenient space for drinks and other small items. This addition transforms a standard deck railing into a versatile accessory, perfect for entertaining guests or simply relaxing outdoors.

Colour Coordination

A common question: should the topper match the colour of the deck or the railing? Traditionally these toppers complement the deck boards. It’s a cohesive look that makes a terrific impression. But there are no strict rules in this regard. Homeowners have the flexibility to choose a colour that aligns with the railing for a unified appearance or opt for a contrasting shade for a bold and distinctive style.

The Beer Rail Topper often matches the colour of the deck boards for a sharp, cohesive look.

More questions?

Beer Rail Toppers are just one aspect of deck customization. If you find yourself with more questions about railings or any other deck accessories, our team is here to help. Feel free to reach out to us at 613-736-1122 or click the chat button on the right during business hours.