The contract is signed, the locates are done, and Andrea has told you the crew will arrive soon. What’s next? Here are a few last steps that go a long way towards ensuring a smooth and hassle-free installation.

Show us where

Our installers will ask you where you want the fence installed in relation to your property line so please be able to show them. You don’t want them guessing (neither do they, neither do we). Our crew will put the fence exactly where you want so make sure you do a walkthrough beforehand, and that you’re firmly decided on the location.


Our crews mix their cement on site so they’ll need access to running water. A garden hose in the backyard usually does the trick.

The fence line

In our experience, a cluttered and/or unclear fence line is a recipe for misunderstandings and disputes. If there are shrubs or trees that interfere please cut them back. If hedges need to be removed the roots have to be grinded to facilitate the digging.  If there’s long grass, a quick mow of the fence line is a good idea as well. Anything that keeps markings clear and the line obstruction-free is good and helpful.

dense shrubs

When the site is dense and cluttered it’s particularly important that the fence line is clear.

A word about dogs

It’s an awkward subject. Let’s just say our crews can get their job done better and faster if they aren’t dodging the hazards dogs leave behind in the yard. A quick once-over before the crew arrives is greatly appreciated.

More questions?

If you have more questions about installations or other subjects we’re happy to answer them. Call 613-736-1122 or hit the chat button on the right during business hours.