We had a customer in the other day asking this question, so we thought a blog post about them would be a good idea. The answer: we sell estate gates in iron, aluminum, vinyl, and wood.

The vinyl and wood models are designed with a steel or aluminum frame beneath the outer material because they aren’t strong enough to handle the unique stresses of large gates on their own.

There is literally no “one size fits all” when it comes to estate gates. We build them all from scratch in our shop. That means every job is a custom job, designed in consultation with our experts.

Estate Gate

Iron estate gate

Vinyl Estate Gate

Vinyl estate gate with aluminum frame underneath

Wood Estate Gate

Wood estate gate with aluminum frame underneath


We offer gate operator packages that include the operator and supporting post, exit and safety loops (to open and keep the gate open when vehicles are detected), and two remote switches.

There are also options for an internet gateway to remotely monitor or activate the gate from anywhere in the world, and a room monitor that does the same from any room in your house.

More questions?

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