Powder coating and wet paint are the two main classes of paint available to consumers. How do they compare?

The coat

Powder coating provides a superior coat to wet paint in virtually every respect. It’s thicker, providing much more protection against chips and scratches. The coat is easier to texture, if so desired. It’s more even because of the electrostatic bonding in the application process. It’s more flexible, so materials that swell and shrink slightly because of temperature changes are better protected. And the colours are longer lasting because a powder coat is more resistant to the breakdown of its constituent resins over time.

grey rim

Powder coating is perfect for applications like tire rims where durability is a necessity.


Powder coating is safer to store than wet paint. A solvent is required to keep standard paints in liquid form. It contains volatile organic compounds that are unfriendly to the environment and the health of anyone inhaling them.

The cost

Powder coating is initially more expensive, but it’s usually more cost efficient when the advantages are tallied up in the long run. Durability is its trump card. It’s why we put it right in our name.

More questions?

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