Joist tape is an acrylic based tape that is applied to the top of joists before the deck boards are attached. It’s a simple and easy way to add years to any deck. There are a number of benefits to using it.

It’s inexpensive

The cost of joist tape is small compared to the price of a deck and the years of protection it provides.

Joist tape protects the vulnerable connection between joist and board

The problem: if water seeps into the space between fence boards and the joists there’s no sunlight to dry it up so it lingers. It can also spill into the screw holes. Joist tape prevents rot by covering a deck’s most vulnerable spots.

It’s especially helpful for Cellular PVC decks

Wood deck boards can do a bit of the lifting for joists in the sense that they absorb moisture that would otherwise fall below. Cellular PVC deck boards repel moisture, so the burden falls on the joists. Cellular PVC typically lasts for many decades: joist tape helps to bring the frame’s longevity in line with the deck boards.

Joist tape is self-sealing

The screw holes are sealed automatically when the deck screws pass through the tape into the joist.

It’s easy to use

Joist tape offers years of protection with minimal effort. Do-it-yourselfers can install it as easily as the pros, with no special tools or knowledge required.

What type of joist tape do you recommend?

We recommend and use G-Tape. Model 3035 comes without backing, which means it can be loaded into tape guns for a quick and convenient application.


We recommend G-Tape 3035

More Questions?

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