There are a multitude of choices to make when buying a deck. We’re often asked why gravel is such a popular fill for the space underneath. There are several advantages to it:

It looks great!
One of the key advantages is the visual impact, especially for elevated decks that lack skirting. Skirting is the material that fills in the sides of a deck, and it’s often used to conceal the area underneath. But for decks that are raised higher above the ground, skirting may not be practical or aesthetically pleasing. In such cases, gravel offers a clean and tidy look, providing a seamless transition between the deck and the surrounding landscape. It creates an open and inviting atmosphere.

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Gravel’s clean look is a great alternative to skirting.

Weed prevention:
Weeds can quickly become a nuisance in outdoor spaces, and the area beneath a deck is no exception. Gravel acts as a natural barrier against weeds, and in conjunction with a filter cloth can go a long way towards suppressing their growth. No need for constant maintenance and weed control: definitely a win.

Protection for wood deck posts:
The structural integrity of a deck depends on the stability of its supporting posts. Moisture accumulation around the base of these posts can lead to wood rot, compromising the overall stability and safety of the deck. Placing gravel under the deck helps to mitigate this issue by allowing water to drain away from the posts. The drainage properties of gravel prevent water from pooling around the posts, reducing the risk of moisture-related damage and prolonging the life of your deck’s supporting elements.

Gravel improves the storage area:
For homeowners who use the area beneath their deck for storage, gravel is an effective solution for keeping stored items dry. Unlike soil or grass, gravel does not retain water, which means it won’t create a damp environment that can lead to mold, mildew, or deterioration of stored belongings. By using gravel as a base, you can ensure that your under-deck storage remains clean and dry, preserving the condition of your items and your peace of mind.

More questions?

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