One of the main reasons homeowners decide to buy a fence is because they’re going to get a small puppy or they have a dog and need to replace a fence that isn’t doing the job right.

If you have a dog you’ll want to think about the kind of fence you’re getting and how it fits the type of yard that you have.


If there’s a way out your dog will find it.

A Word about Horizontal Fences

Horizontal fences (e.g. Ashton, Garden Wall, Holland) generally do not work well to keep pets in. It’s doable for a yard that’s perfectly flat, but most often changes in grade will cause gaps to appear underneath the fence that are difficult to cover.

Wood and Vinyl Fences

handling changes in gradeIf there’s a slope in your yard and you are thinking about getting a wood or vinyl fence here are a few things to consider.

A yard with a small slope might be okay with a stepped fence but larger changes in grade will need custom contouring. With custom contouring each panel is cut on site to match the slope of the yard as tightly as possible to keep your dog safely in.

If you already have a fence or are set on a style that does not come in custom contouring we offer undergap protection. With undergap protection one foot high boards are stuck directly into the ground. They aren’t attached to the fence so that it doesn’t heave with seasonal changes but the dog is still kept safely in the yard.

Iron Fences

If you’re thinking about an iron fence, there is a 3-1/4″ gap between the pickets in iron styles. If your dog is small enough to fit through you can buy Puppy Fill. With Puppy Fill, additional pickets are added along the bottom so that your dog cannot get past.

For underneath, if your yard has a hill that stepped fencing will not cover undergap protection is available in iron as well. Pickets are inserted along the bottom. They follow the slope of the property to close off gaps underneath.

Chain Link Fences

Finally, if you’re buying chain link we can add extra mesh under the fence to cover gaps. Also, you can buy additional terminal posts so that the fence hugs the grade of your yard more closely.

Bottom Line

Consider your yard and each style carefully if you have a dog or are thinking about getting one in the future. If you have any questions about fences for dogs or similar issues we’re happy to answer them. Call 613-736-1122 or hit the chat button on the right during business hours.