Fences are a beautiful addition to any home. They boost curb appeal and add some much appreciated privacy. As more and more Canadians are taking time to enjoy their yard and garden, it makes sense that we would want to complete our outdoor space with a fence. Here in Ottawa, where our summers are a bit shorter, we definitely want to make the most out of our time outdoors. Fences help make this possible.

Perhaps their biggest feature though is added security, protection and peace of mind for the whole family. A fence is an extra layer of insurance for your home, yard, belongings and family. This article explores the importance of fences for home security.


Kids love to play outside all year round. Knowing they’re within a secure fence while doing so allows you to enjoy your time as well. You don’t have to worry about them running onto the street accidentally, or coming in contact with strangers that pass by. When they play in the yard, you know they’re safe.


Being able to let the dog out, and not have to keep an eye on him/her the whole time is a load lifted off of any fur-parents’ shoulders. Fences extend the freedom of your pet, while keeping them safe at home. You can even take this freedom one step further by installing a dog door, allowing your dog to come and go while you’re at work, without worrying about them getting loose.


I love rabbits, but I didn’t enjoy what they did to my vegetable garden. Fences are a cruelty-free way of eliminating pests including rodents and small animals.


Most home security systems activate when an intruder is already on your property or in your house. A proper securityfence helps to keep the unwanted out in the first place. Research, including a study of criminals charged with home invasions has proven the effectiveness of a security fence. Most burglars stated they would not waste time trying to get past a security fence. They also believed if a homeowner took steps to invest in such a fence, they would take more security measures on the property; a second reason for scaring them off.


There are a variety of home security fences available to home owners. This means you can be proactive without breaking the bank.


  • Find out how high fences in your neighbourhood can be built, some residential areas here in Ottawa have a six-foot limit.
  • While doing your research, check out whether you need a permit or not. When interviewing companies to install your fence, be sure to ask if they take care of permits for you.
  • Let your insurance company know, installing a security fence could mean lower premiums.
  • When choosing a fence, remember the true purpose of a security fence is to protect your family, not look good. We can definitely help you find an attractive option, but your fence should be designed to stop intruders, which means selecting the appropriate hardware too.
  • Make your fence part of a whole home security This could mean installing other deterrents such as outdoor lighting, cameras, or an alarm.