When raising your children, a well-landscaped & secured backyard is imperative to ensuring your children’s’ fun and safety. Filling holes that may exist in your lawn and removing thorny plants such as rosebushes is important, but so is picking the right kind of fence for your backyard! Implement a fence that will restrict your children from wandering out onto the street and allow them to run and play in the comfort of your supervision. Here are a few options for parents & guardians looking to add a fence to keep their children happy and safe!

Keeping Your Kids Safe

For optimal safety and security, aluminum and vinyl composed fences are highly recommended. Not only are they an excellent solution for households with small children, but they are also aesthetically pleasing and a major boost to your home’s curb appeal. Wood fences, while they may provide superior security, tend to splinter over time. Knowing how adventurous and exploratory children can be, their entire backyard will become their palace, and they will eventually play alongside the fence, and if your child plays with splinted wood, they could suffer slivers or fractures.

Invest in Flat Rail Fences

Say you decide to go with an aluminum manufactured fence, you’ll typically have the option to choose between a flat rail or speared fence. For the protection of your children, always choose a flat rail. Spears may give your home a noble and vintage look; however, should your kids ever decide to jump to touch the spikes, or attempt to climb the fence, the spears could cause bodily harm. The flat rail aluminum fence still accentuates your home’s individuality and will keep your children safe.

Invest in A Latching Fence

Keeping your fence’s gate shut is the only surefire way to keep your children safe from running off. Therefore, when planning on where to place your gate, be sure that you invest in a latch that will prevent your children from opening and closing your gate at will. Place the latch in a location on the fence that would make it hard for your kids to reach. For added security, implement two latches onto the fence or a key lock.

Ensure It’s a Privacy Fence

Another reason that you may wish to choose aluminum or vinyl fence is that they make it very hard for children to climb since there is no foothold for kids to gain leverage. Fences over 6 feet tall will guarantee your children’s safety and give you the peace of mind to leave your children unattended for short moments of time.

For more information on which kind of fence is right for you and your children, contact Fence-All today!