A common scenario: an old fence needs to be removed to make room for a new installation. We typically recommend leaving the cement from the old posts in the ground and offsetting the posts of the new fence.

We can remove the old piers, but it’s a much bigger job than most people realize and it can get expensive.

You never know what you’re going to get.

Forrest Gump’s mother could have been talking about pier removal. No one knows for sure what’s under the ground until the digging starts. In the picture above, Noah is standing in a hole made from a pier the crew has just dug out. For reference, Noah is 6′ tall.

The bottom line:

Pier removal is major surgery to your yard. It can be expensive, and the disruptions to the soil can actually weaken the structure of the new fence going in. It’s why we recommend leaving the old cement in the ground and offsetting the new posts.

More questions?

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