The short answer: No!

We strongly discourage attaching fence posts to buildings. There might be very unusual circumstances where such an attachment is justified or a customer explicitly requests it, but for the majority of cases it’s a less-than-ideal solution that can lead to unintended consequences.

Siding damage:
One of the biggest concerns is siding damage. Any kind of tight connection pressed up against siding can cause unsightly buckling and cracking that voids warranties from the siding manufacturer.

Structural integrity:
Attaching a fence post to a house could introduce stress and strain on the building’s framework. It’s a particular danger in our Canadian climate because of the heaving that frost can cause. Houses are designed to bear the weight and forces exerted upon them in specific ways. Introducing a fence post attachment without proper structural assessment could undermine the stability of the house over time.

To fence installation professionals attaching a fence post to a house is a rookie move. If you’re going to DIY, create a clean and aesthetically pleasing transition between the fence and the house. It’s what the pros do.

Posts should be installed adjacent to but not attached to houses.

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