When neighbours get together to have their fences installed at the same time it’s a special kind of job we call a Neighbour Group. It’s a common scenario, and one that we have a great deal of experience managing. So what happens when one neighbour is late to the party?

A benefit in price but not timing.

If one neighbour wants in on the group after everyone else has signed she will benefit from the price but not the timing. In other words, she’ll get the same price per foot as the other folks in the group even if prices have risen in the interim. But as far as timing is concerned, her job will be installed after the rest of the group’s.

A refresher on FIFO.

Our installations run on a First In, First Out basis. Generally, if your contract is signed first your fence gets installed before the customer who signs later (you can read more about our FIFO process here).

The neighbour can’t jump ahead of everyone who has signed before her. It’s not just about fairness, it’s about material and labour availability as well.


Our installations run on a First In, First Out basis.

An exception.

There is an exception. The neighbour’s job can be installed along with the rest of the group if everyone in the group agrees to wait.

More questions?

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