We often get asked to build or repair a fence using materials that match an existing installation. Is it possible? There’s no one answer: it depends on the type of material and the nature of the original installation.

Wood Fences:
For wood fences, there’s good news! The lumber used in constructing wood fences remains largely consistent over time. Wood has been a traditional fencing material for ages. You should have no trouble finding the same or similar wood materials that were used a decade ago. But bear in mind, new wood will not look the same as wood that has weathered for ten years.

Chain Link Fences:
Chain link fencing has remained relatively unchanged over the years. If you have a chain link fence installed a decade ago and need to repair or expand it, you can usually find the same materials without much difficulty.

Vinyl/PVC Fences:
Unlike wood and chain link, Vinyl/PVC fences have seen some changes over the years. Certain profiles or styles of Vinyl/PVC fencing may no longer be in production. If you have a specific colour or profile of vinyl fence you want to match, give us a call, and we’ll see what’s possible. Even if it’s not an exact match, it might still be possible to maintain the overall look and feel of your vinyl fence.

Iron Fences:
Iron fences and styles do evolve over the years, so it depends on what you’re dealing with. The good news: we have a fully equipped welding shop, so custom work is no problem. If your existing iron fence is no longer in the catalogue, there’s a very good chance our talented team can replicate it.

It depends on the age and the materials used. Hadrian’s Wall would be a tough match.

More questions?

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