Lattice is definitely available as a full fence.  And it is also used as a feature to enhance the look of other fence styles.

Lattice fences

Lattice fences can be used sparingly within a yard for a decorative effect, or they can run along a property line like more traditional privacy fencing. Lattice fencing inside the yard is a terrific choice for green thumbs. With a creative design they can guide pedestrian flow while enhancing the appearance of the grounds. A single panel tastefully placed can give a splash of elegance to the humblest garden. They also look striking built along a property line and are a good option for folks interested in semi-privacy fencing.


This Rosemount style vinyl fence runs along a property line. Notice the semi-privacy effect.

Lattice toppers

Lattice is often blended in with other types of fences. A typical scenario: 5′ of privacy fence with 1′ of lattice on top. It really is the best of both worlds: privacy below, with more visible sight lines above that prevent a cramped and unfriendly look.

richmond w/lattice pre-stained honey teak

The Richmond features a lattice topper with full privacy below.


Lattice is also commonly used in screens. They’re typically installed on decks in lieu of full privacy dividers to give the deck a more open look and feel.

georgian wood screen

This Georgian cedar screen makes an attractive nook for the hot tub.

Examples of Fence-All lattice fences

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