Yes! We can build out an existing deck to make it larger and more useful. A few considerations to keep in mind.

Material Matching:
One of the first things to consider when extending your deck is material matching. It’s not always possible to get a perfect match. Availability can be an issue if it’s a cellular PVC deck because profiles and colours change over the years. Weathering can also affect the visibility of the transition. Newer decks are always better candidates for extensions than older ones.

Condition of the Existing Deck:
Before extending your deck, it’s essential to assess the condition of the existing structure. If your current deck is in poor condition, simply adding onto it is not the best idea. Not only could this compromise the safety and stability of the entire deck, but it could also result in a disjointed appearance. In such cases, it’s usually better to tear down the existing deck and start fresh to ensure a cohesive and structurally sound result.

Professional Expertise:
You’ll save some money by adding an extension instead of building a full deck from scratch. It might be tempting to get a few handy friends together on the weekend to do the work with the reward of a few pops. If you take that route, make sure there’s at least one pro in the bunch. Deck installations are well within the jurisdiction of Murphy’s Law, and you’ll want someone who’s seen it all before. Better yet, just hire a professional company.

cellular pvc deck

A 4′ extension (shown here on the left) was added to the deck shown at the top of this article after the initial build. Notice the nearly flawless match.

More questions?
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For all your fence, deck, and railing needs.
“For all your fence, deck, and railing needs”