The answer to this one is pretty subjective. We say “yes” depending on the nature of the project. Here are a few factors that support that point of view.

Duration and process

Unlike minor repairs or simple modifications, a fence installation is typically a multi-day process. It usually involves the removal of an existing fence before the construction of the new one: both require substantial time and effort. A common characteristic of renovations is they go beyond superficial changes. By that measure, a new fence certainly qualifies.

Disturbance and alteration

Our installers do their best to keep things clean and orderly, but they have to be present in your yard, walking across the grass and soil. The fence line may necessitate the removal or relocation of plants and vegetation. Cement has to be mixed to secure the posts. Holes have to be dug, potentially introducing additional dirt into the yard. There can also be carpentry or other power tool work required depending on the nature of the material. These actions cause a significant level of disruption and change, mirroring the characteristics of a renovation.


If old piers have to be removed it’s a major operation. Just ask Noah!

Impact on the property

A distinguishing factor of renovations is the impact they have on a property. A fence installation certainly influences the overall aesthetics and functionality of the yard. A well-constructed fence improves privacy, security, and delineation of space, all of which contribute to the transformative nature of a renovation.

In short…

A new fence is a pretty big deal. Many folks underestimate the impact it has on their yard, both the rigours of the installation and the beauty of the final product. We call it a renovation.

More questions?

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