The Noise

A fence or deck installation is a big deal. Even small jobs are construction sites that typically require water and hydro. There will be noise from both power and hand tools, and it will often start early in the morning. The good news: our crews are quick and aware of the disruptions their work can cause and they do their best to minimize it.

The Mess

If the posts are set with screw piles there will heavy machinery in the yard that can be tough on the lawn. Even the standard cementing process can be messy. Often a pallet of materials will necessarily be left for a few days, and that can affect the grass underneath. For the fence or deck itself much depends on the material: chain link installs are cleaner than vinyl, and vinyl are generally cleaner than wood. But in all cases your yard is a defacto workshop for the duration of the build.

The Clean-Up

Our crews do a mandatory clean-up before they leave the site for good. It covers a lot, but some of the disruptions mentioned above are unavoidable. The bottom line: they’ll leave your yard as tidy as is reasonably possible.

Who’s responsible for what?

We try to be as clear as possible about the various responsibilities for a project. In fact we’ve devoted a section of our contract to it. Check it out:


Your contract is full of helpful information. Be sure to give it a good look.

Your sales rep will go over all of it with you. Don’t be shy to ask him/her about any concerns: there’s no such thing as a bad question.

More questions?

We enjoy fielding questions at the office as well. If you have any on this subject or any other matter, call 613-736-1122 or hit the chat button on the right during business hours.