We manage a fluctuating workforce depending on the season, demand, and individual preferences of our employees. In a typical year, we have between 10 and 20 fencing crews, with anywhere from 1 to 7 people per crew. The size of the crew can vary depending on the specific job requirements. Some prefer to work alone, while others prefer a larger team.

In addition to the size of the crew, the preferences of the installers can also influence the type of job they take on. For instance, some may prefer to work with certain materials, such as chain link or wood, while others may prefer to focus on commercial jobs or the installation of decks.

We do our best to keep everyone happy and productive. Like most seasonal businesses, when it’s busy, it’s very busy, and we’re proud to say that year after year, our Fence-All team never fails to rise to the challenge.


Many of our installers have been with us for decades.

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