Way less time than you think! Our most common feedback with decks is, “Wow, that was fast.”

There are four main steps to the installation, and the time each takes is dependent on the size and complexity of the project:

  1. Foundation: either cement or screw piles.
  2. Framing: frames are typically made from pressure-treated wood.
  3. Decking: the deck surface and other features like steps and fascia.
  4. Finishing touches: the installation of lights, for example, or other accessories and clean up.

Our decks usually take between one and three days to install. Two days is the standard.


Our professional crews work quickly and safely to deliver a job well done.

A note about railings:

If your railing is made from a different material than the deck (e.g., an aluminum railing on a cellular PVC deck), there may be a lag between the deck and railing installation. This is because different materials have different lead times in our system.

More questions?

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