There are a number of ways you can make a run-of-the-mill fence more eye-catching.

If you have a chain link fence, privacy slats can be added and a landscaping scheme can be built around the new colour. Your yard will look terrific from the inside and you’re safe from prying eyes.

privacy slats

Chain Link with privacy slats.

Solar Vinyl Caps are a great accessory for any vinyl fence. They charge during the day and turn on when the sun sets.

riverview w/solar caps

Solar Caps

Staining is a good way to the get the most out of a wood fence, both in years and aesthetic appeal.

forest hill w/wood tone stain

Forest Hill stained in wood tone.

Gardening and fences go well together as long as there is some space between the two. The separation ensures more sunlight for the garden and no incidental damage to the fence.

A job well done: the gardening and the Bridgeport in Green Teak are well separated here.

Windows are a popular gate accessory. They make standard gates more inviting, like a front door.

forest hill gate w/iron window

Iron window in Forest Hill gate.

More questions?

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