Choosing the colour for your deck involves several considerations Let’s break it down:

House Colour Coordination

Harmonizing your deck colour with your house is a classic choice. Consider whether you want your deck to blend seamlessly with your home’s exterior or if you prefer a contrasting colour for visual interest.

Material Compatibility

Different deck materials have different colour options. Wood decks offer the simple choice between cedar and pressure treated, though stains can further customize the look. Cellular PVC decks have a wider palette to choose from. Think about which material suits your aesthetic preferences and maintenance requirements.

Durability and Maintenance

Lighter colours may show less wear and tear over time, while darker colours might absorb more heat and show less dirt. Consider how much upkeep you’re willing to do and how the chosen colour will hold up under various weather conditions.

cellular pvc deck

In general, darker colours retain more heat, but modern Cellular PVC is crafted with technology that mitigates the effect.

Yard Features

If your deck is adjacent to other outdoor features like a hot tub or landscaping elements, think about how the deck colour will complement or contrast with these features. You might want to create a cohesive outdoor space by coordinating colours or creating intentional contrasts.

Personal Preference

Ultimately, your deck colour should reflect your personal style and preferences. Consider what colours make you feel comfortable and happy when you’re spending time outdoors.

Get a Free Sample

Colour can play tricks on the eye: they seldom look the same on two different devices. The safest way to lock down your choice is to get a physical sample and  assess it in the installation environment.   You can get a free sample of our pre-stained wood and Cellular PVC colours with the buttons below:

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More questions?

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For all your fence, deck, and railing needs.
“For all your fence, deck, and railing needs”